*New* Mindfulness Yarn Care Package


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Mindfulness is the skill of being in the moment and not assigning judgement to feelings. This mindfulness yarn package from Alive with Purpose aims to awaken the senses and provide relief and healthy distraction away from tough emotions.  Included in this package is the following:

Two Skeins of Alive with Purpose, hand-dyed yarns, in a fluffy, super-soft Superwash Merino DK weight, yardage of 230 yards each (460 total).  The colorways are inspired by the Hawaiian island of Honolulu and are exclusive to this package.  You’ll see a speckled fuchsia, yellow, green and blue, skein paired perfectly with a slightly variegated electric coral skein.

Also included:

  • 10 Dialectical Behavioral Therapy skill cards that you can use anytime to provide yourself gentle reminders, encouragement and instruction on skills to help alleviate mental health symptoms and correct cognitive errors.  These small cards can fit most anywhere – put them up on the fridge, in your purse/wallet or even at your desk at work.  There’s no wrong time to use a skill!
  • A small sampling of a scented lotion, aimed to provide gentle aromatherapy and soothe the senses.
  • A tasty luxury chocolate bar (*Note: Some of the available bars contain nuts*). You can eat this bar intentionally and mindfully, focusing completely on the taste and texture while doing so.  Eating mindfully is a skill many use to focus intently on the moment.
  • A sample of luxury tea.

Keep in mind that hand dyed yarns can bleed. If using more than one color, it is recommended you first wash the yarn in lukewarm water. If using more than one skein of the same colorway, alternate for best results.

Hand dyed yarns for a cause. Alive with Purpose financially supports mental health-supporting organizations in Minnesota.